I got my assessment result a couple of days ago and I passed Documentary with 72%.


I’m extremely pleased with that. It’s only 1% less than I got on Gesture & Meaning, so I’m consistent!

Assessment criteria

  • Demonstration of Technical & Visual Skills
    • Complete fluency of technical and visual skills.
    • 25/35
    • Same comment and mark as I got for G&M; still not sure why “complete” means 25/35 though… :-p
  • Quality of Outcome
    • Highly effective work presented in a professional way, showing strong judgement. Highly effective grasp of ideas and communication of visual ideas.
    • 15/20
    • Very slightly lower than my G&M mark but same text
  • Demonstration of Creativity
    • Strongly creative, takes risks with many imaginative and successful outcomes. Excellent synthesis of analytical and creative thinking. Strong evidence of emerging personal voice.
    • 18/25
    • Relatively speaking the most improved mark, something I am extremely pleased with – I feel like I’d been really stretching my creative muscles towards the end of Level 2, and it’s very satisfying to see that being recognised
  • Context
    • Very articulate and self aware, very well researched. Demonstrates a developed intellectual understanding and criticality.
    • 14/20
    • Same text and very slightly lower score than on G&M, and I’m fine with that

Overall comments

I won’t quote these verbatim but will pick out a few phrases that resonated:

  • “The consistency and design of submission presentation was impressive and should be commended.”
  • The subjects explored within each assignment were valid and meaningful, being handled with an incisive and often playful gaze.
    • Incisive and playful – good adjectives; I would be happy to earn a reputation for the combination of these two
  • The final assignment was a unique graphical representation of a serious contemporary debate and again, was playful in its presentation. The success of this submission should be viewed positively in relation to progression onto level 3 of the programme, but be careful of becoming too formulaic in terms of future submissions.
    • This was the work I was most pleased with (and it took the longest by far to complete) so I’m very happy with this feedback
    • Playful comes up again, and again I like that this is potentially coming through as part of my personal voice
    • I am slightly puzzled by the advice to avoid becoming too formulaic as I felt that overall the assignments were quite an eclectic set, and A5 in particular was visually very distinctive – and so don’t consider my output to have been formulaic (if it means for the future, then fine – I’m not planning on using the pie chart construct again any time soon…)

Right, I am officially over two-thirds of the way through the degree! I’m only a couple of assignments into Level 3 though, so wish me luck…


6 thoughts on “Result

  1. Jan 20 January 2018 / 18:41

    Only just picked this up, well done :o)


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