Assignment 6: tutor feedback

I had one last video tutorial with my tutor Derek and we collaborated on the notes to produce the final feedback report.

The first half of the report discusses my rework on each individual assignment and is covered in more detail in the main Assignment 6 post.

The additional tutor comments were pretty positive, thankfully. A couple of extracts:

“The coursework has been consistently well thought out throughout the module. There have been many exercises in which you’ve tried something new and learnt from it, which in turn has developed your own voice. It is good to see clear causal links between exercises and the ideas developed for assignments.”

“Research has been a real strength of this module: there has been a clear correlation shown between your research, the direction chosen for assignments and the development of new understandings. This in turn has shown step changes in the assignments, where each one builds on the last, but also progresses your personal practice. The practice has become more personal, and all the stronger for it.”

There is of course always room for improvement as I head towards Level 3:

“We’ve discussed making your reflections – looking back at modules from the position you’re in now – a clearer part of your texts, i.e. in the log, and at the start of assignment commentaries (as well as in the reflective notes later on). If the significant part of the assignment is a real shift in your understanding, then that should be front and centre, as it’s the most important point to make.”

In all, I’m very happy with both my rework and Derek’s feedback on it.





3 thoughts on “Assignment 6: tutor feedback

  1. Stephanie Dh. 21 July 2017 / 13:58

    Hi Rob, well done! I am going to enroll too in L3 next month, please send me the link to your L3 blog when you set it up.


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