Assignment 5: tutor feedback

Having completed the assignment less than a week ago, thanks to a very prompt tutor response I’ve already had the video tutorial to discuss it and we’ve collaboratively produced the feedback report.

It was generally positive, thankfully. I was unsure whether I had gone too ambitious / obscure with the concept but it seems that I got the message over reasonably well, albeit with some recommendations for fine-tuning it before submission for assessment.

The ‘Overall comments’ section was encouraging:

“A strong idea and a unique and inspired presentation makes this assignment stand out. There are a few areas that were discussed that could lead to a slight strengthening of the content, particularly subject choices and cropping. As there are plenty of images to choose from this shouldn’t pose any problems for a simple re-edit. The project was worthy of a larger-scale choice for level three; as such it has taken a lot longer than Rob’s usual turnaround. The experiences gained during this process will serve him well at the next level.”

The key points of the more detailed feedback are summarised below:

Assignment submission

  • The work is topical, contentious, provocative and engaging
  • Being ‘brave’ enough to try something more experimental is to be applauded
  • Pie chart format is visually engaging and attracts the viewer’s attention
  • Need to make sure however that content within images is also strong and the work doesn’t just rely on the visual concept – some images are not as strong as others:
    • Use of appropriated imagery needs to be be made clearer (through re-cropping / choosing alternative versions of the shots)
    • Potential ambiguity in subject matter leading to weaker juxtapositions, could confuse the viewer if not sufficiently ‘polarised’
    • Don’t need to be so ‘neat’ about making subjects fit into the obscure shapes as they are deliberately fragments of the scenes
  • Sequencing: currently the sequence is mixed across the five towns arbitrarily, but it would be more effective with some logic behind it
    • Suggestion to try in rework: sequence images in chronological order by my own period of residence, as this represents a personal journey
  • Some concern that the overall message (highlighting/subverting stereotyping) is potentially open to misinterpretation and a subtle change to the title may help provoke the viewer into more thought on the content
    • Suggestion is to highlight the ambiguity by turning the title into a question, e.g. “Two Kinds of People?”


  • The coursework looks good and up to date – steered towards researching and gaining the experience required for the assignment


  • Research is wide-ranging and critically aware – some recent references are missing: an update would better illustrate the depth of contextualisation

Learning Log

  • Reflections are mature, objective and reasonably concise

Onwards to rework and preparation for assessment! The final stretch…


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