Assignment 5: more work in progress

I’m building the candidate images for each town as I go along, even though I have still to shoot in one town (Barnsley).

I’m not sure about all of these; the tricky thing is most definitely the pairing of two photos together to make a single image. Some are working better than others. However, I resolved early on to document more of my work in progress, and I am finding the process useful – not so much regarding feedback (not expecting any on w-i-p) but simply to make me complete and publish images – even if they need refinements – on an assignment that I have found easier to procrastinate away from than to knuckle down to! It does feel like I’m getting closer to images that I am happy with – so these are all useful as they are either final images or learning points :-)

I’m looking for 15 images in total, three each from five towns.

So far I have three for Burnley:

… three for Middlesbrough:

… and one each for Dewsbury and Pickering:


2 thoughts on “Assignment 5: more work in progress

  1. lynda512863 08 June 2017 / 06:19

    I’m finding this project totally fascinating Rob. Not knowing the districts or the cultural make up really lets me go wild with my imagination. Good luck!


    • Rob Townsend 08 June 2017 / 09:31

      Thanks! None of the places are quite as polarised as I’m suggesting, which is kind of the point :-)


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