Assignment 5: working towards final images

After a long gap I went out shooting again this week. I went through the new images and revisited the older ones I’ve taken and decided to make myself start building the final assignment instead of continually overthinking things :-)

Today I gave myself the challenge of producing at least one usable final image from each of the shooting locations, using only what I’ve shot already.

Now, I’m not wholly happy with all of these, but it has helped me enormously in terms of seeing the final output take some kind of shape. After considering a mixture of presentation formats I’ve settled on the simplicity of the pie chart construct.

(A reminder of the concept: in a nutshell, it’s deliberately stereotyping places based on their voting record in the EU referendum, to highlight the absurdity of over-simplification – so some of the captions are deliberately provocative)

Burnley 1

Middlesbrough 1Pickering 1Dewsbury 1

Only 11 more to go…

Lessons so far

The main thing I’ve realised in putting these together is just how ridiculously hard I’m making it for myself!

For the images to work, several conditions need to be met:

  • Interesting individual images
  • No people
    • Rationale in a separate blog post
  • Pairs of images communicating the respective labels, taken in the same location
    • e.g. there’s no point in finding a ‘Poor’ in Pickering if the only ‘Rich’ I can find is in Middlesbrough
  • Some kind of visual relationship between the component parts (complementary or oppositional)
    • For this reason the Pickering image above doesn’t work yet – the lower image needs to contain circular elements like the upper image
    • Whereas the Middlesbrough one works via a complementary colour palette
    • And the Burnley one works due to the construct of the shop front layout
    • Whilst the above examples are complementary, the Dewsbury pairing works (in my view) as it juxtaposes opposites – colourful, varied, soft textures vs harsh, monochromatic, rough texture
  • Finally, the images need to work in a pie chart format
    • i.e. the minimum visual data required to make out what the subject is needs to fit into an obscure shape

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