Assignment 5: lightbulb moment

In the flurry of recently writing up my preparation on this assignment I’ve struck upon a realisation that I hadn’t previously been consciously aware of, or at the very least I couldn’t previously articulate it.

This may come across as being very ‘brave’ (in the Yes, Minister sense of the word) but I’d like the project to work on two distinct levels:

  • Literally: it’s about social inequality
  • Metaphorically: it’s about how both politics and photography over-simplify complex situations

The images I’ll produce will reduce two ‘sides’ of a particular place down to two views, one overly positive and the other overly negative, both of them to some degree unrepresentative of the much more nuanced reality.

And this is a metaphor for the referendum!

(too subtle?)


3 thoughts on “Assignment 5: lightbulb moment

  1. Stephanie Dh. 15 November 2016 / 21:00

    Honestly, in the wake of what happened in the Uk, in the USA and maybe in France next, having artists calling against over simplification, inviting their audience to be careful with images and stating that despite the seduction of simple and persuasive ‘document’ we need to be more eager for more information and careful check our sources is something we clearly need.
    I don’t know if my sentence makes sense… but I think that it is a good idea. You might want to introduce with it newspapers clips or internet screen captures showing different point of view on your very subject.


    • Rob Townsend 15 November 2016 / 21:17

      It makes total sense. It’s shifting the meaning of my project a little, in a way I’m OK with, and I wonder if this secondary meaning might overtake the primary one by the end.

      Over-simplification is at the heart of my project I guess. My working title is “I Woke Up and Everything was Fine”…!

      (I also worry about France… if the UK and USA have taught us anything, its not to underestimate the “anti-establishment” vote. And who’s going to be up against Le Pen? a President and either a former President or a former Premier Ministre…)

      Merci encore un fois :-)


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