Assignment 4: progress update

I’m not entirely sure how much of my actual work-in-progress to put up here as I don’t think it’s a draft worth sharing yet, it’s still very rough. But I think I should a least document my process and progress so far.


Having refined the theme, title and structure based on my first round of research, I have this week been attempting to get a first draft written down.

A few notes:

  • It currently stands at 1700 words
  • It is missing 2-3 examples I’d like to include (largely because I haven’t decided what examples to use)
  • It is missing lots of quotes to back up my points – I know there’s good lines in some key writers’ works that support my arguments (Barthes, Bate, Wells, Clarke etc) but need to sift through quotes that I have previously highlighted to see which best make my case
  • It is VERY rough – almost a stream-of-consciousness in parts…
  • … but I’m really glad I got it down, as at least now I have a scrappy first version to improve upon, which is so much better than a blank page staring back at me – writing is rewriting!

I’m finding myself mentally improving upon it as I spend time away from consciously thinking about it. I’m having brainwaves whilst out walking the dogs and coming back to scribble things down before I forget them…

Next steps

My plan for knocking the rough draft into shape breaks down as follows:

  • Confirm further example photographs to illustrate arguments
    • Do a second draft based on the above
    • i.e. improve the content
  • Identify appropriate quotations from relevant critical theory
    • Do a third draft based on the above
    • i.e. improve the content further
  • Refresh my reading on academic essay writing
    • I got a book on this last year for C&N and found it to be a useful redrafting aid
    • Do a fourth draft based on the above
    • i.e. improve the structure and flow
  • Share fourth draft with other students for feedback
  • Finalise fifth version based on this feedback
    • As suitable for submission to tutor

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