Assignment 4: draft essay plan

To recap, my proposed critical review subject is (working title only):

The use of metaphor as a tool in documentary photography.

As advised by both the course notes and my tutor, I’ve started constructing a framework for the essay to make sure that I cover each aspect of the argument in enough detail, and in the right sequence, all within the 2,000 word count.

This is a first draft and therefore subject to change:

  • Introduction
    • State hypothesis / pose question
    • 200 words
  • State definitions / frames of reference
    • documentary
    • authorship
    • metaphor
    • 150 words
  • How metaphor is used
    • consciously (authorial stance)
    • subconsciously (reflective authorship)
    • in interpretation (reader as author)
    • 250 words
  • Types of metaphor
    • metonymy
    • resemblance
    • others tbc
    • 250 words
  • Reasons to employ metaphor
    • temporal shift (e.g. aftermath)
    • ambiguity
    • censorship
    • generate reader engagement
    • 500 words
  • Risks/limitations of metaphor
    • non-interpretation
    • misinterpretation / negotiated reading
    • requires shared cultural context
    • requires specific project context (e.g. anchor text, place in sequence)
    • 500 words
  • Conclusion
    • revisit hypothesis / answer question
    • 150 words

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