Assignment 3: tutor feedback

I had my first video tutorial with my tutor Derek a good few weeks ago, having had written reports for the first couple of assignments, but have been on holiday since so this is a belated write-up of his report. Having it as a video tutorial was very useful – it gave me an opportunity to discuss not only this assignment but the forthcoming critical review essay and my personal project for Assignment 5. I will cover these discussions separately.

I made notes in the tutorial that Derek added to for the report, and the main points are summarised below.

Assignment submission

  • Both online and book presentation good and clear
  • Good use of white space between images, helped with pace / rhythm
  • Clear narrative direction throughout the images
  • Repetition of cover image and first image – a little distracting to see same page twice consecutively
    • Cover image was chosen for aesthetic reasons (composition / space for text) rather than being representative of overall project
    • Better to have a different cover image than change the sequence itself (change in rework)
  • Last image (crowd scene) works well to complete the set, gets the intended message across about the growth of the movement
  • Statement: could more clearly explain own authorial stance re the subject matter
    • There was a certain authorial stance adopted, aiming to make protesters look more ‘homespun’ / amateurish in earlier section and more organised in latter section
  • Self-evaluation: could include a bit more about the evolving approach to developing the work
    • i.e. that it was a combination of freeform shooting, reviewing, refining the narrative then working to a reasonably tight framework for the final shots and sequencing
    • Update in rework


  • Maintaining standard of earlier sections, so just need to keep it up
  • Research continues to show engagement and critical thought, looks professional
  • Learning log: continued good progress


  • Explorative and thorough: contextualizes well
  • Reads and views widely and appreciates the need for critical review, rather than just reporting

The rest of the tutorial was about my plans for Assignment 4 and 5 so will cover that in specific prep posts shortly.


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