Assignment 3: shortlist

I’ve spent the afternoon poring over my photos for the anti-fracking movement assignment. 934 of them! I only need 10.

I’ve previously gone through my assignment shortlisting and selection workflow so won’t repeat all that here. In summary:

  • I got the 934 down to a longlist of 152 in the first pass
  • Then I judged the 152 against the ‘shooting script‘ that I’d drafted
  • To get it down to a shortlist of 15
    • With each image earmarked for a ‘slot’ in the final photo essay

I now need to get the 15 down to 10.

There are three identifiable phases to the story:

  • Beginning: the early days – small, parochial, piecemeal protest groups
  • Middle: the comms campaign – spreading the word to outlying towns
  • End: consolidation – multiple local groups mobilise together into a mass demo

So here are my candidate photos per phase, along with how many images I plan to include.

If anyone reading this has any feedback, please let me know!

Note: there will be a little caption text to help set context – at the moment I’m just thinking about the visual flow of the images.

Beginning – pick 3 out of these 5

Middle – pick 2 out of these 4

End – pick 5 out of these 6


So, my original edit from the above was this:

Some kind folk on the OCA Facebook group offered their edits, which I mocked up (note, not everyone picked 10):


Based on these I identified the most popular overall:

Most Popular

And based on the three-part structure I worked out that the ‘consensus’ version would be as below:


I found the overall exercise to be extremely useful. It helped me to identify which images worked best, both individually and as part of an overall narrative flow.

After doing this, I realised that a couple of images that I’d been quite attached to were really not that popular!

I’ve been finalising the edit today and have actually revisited the longlist to make a few swaps: I’ve:

  • Selected an alternative version of one of the images
  • Recropped one from landscape to portrait
  • Replaced two entirely.

Part of this was down to laying out the set in a book format – it makes you think more about things like pacing, spacing and format ratio (portrait vs landscape).

I think I might be about ready to finalise this and write it up.


2 thoughts on “Assignment 3: shortlist

  1. Judy Bach 07 August 2016 / 21:06

    I always think I will only shoot a minimal number of shots but like you end up with hundreds! You’ve got some interesting pictures there , I find it better to leave my final decision for a day or so & then go back & reassess . Good luck


    • Rob Townsend 08 August 2016 / 10:31

      Cheers – I’m just having another look at the shortlist now, funnily enough. I got lots of different opinions on the OCA Facebook group but overall it did help me to identify a couple of candidates to drop… problem is, I’ve found another couple of shots off the longlist that I really want to include, so I’m humming and aahing again now..! ;-/

      Liked by 1 person

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