Assignment 2: tutor feedback

I got the Assignment 2 report back from Derek my tutor at the end of last week. It was generally good :-)

Key comments extracted below, with my response as appropriate.

Technical and visual skills

  • “You have translated ideas for the concept into practical constructions (or found images) that convey very different aspects of the word/state of ‘loss’. The variety of subjects, and the various techniques employed, shows a broad set of skills, each communicating the idea well, despite the changing circumstances. It is a disparate set, yet that’s what is asked for in the brief.”
    • Pleased with that – the fragmented nature of the set is an intentional part of both the brief and my submission so I’m glad I didn’t get comments along the lines of it not ‘hanging together’

Quality of outcome

  • “Each image stands up as a metaphor for loss. […] Some individual works are weaker for being simple reproductions; e.g. the two picture shots with white space, yet these do provide punctuation to the rhythm of the sequence. We see them all as a sequence, as they’re viewed as a whole: I’d therefore suggest swapping the flowers and Bowie, placing the flowers before the dog’s grave.”
    • Whilst I do understand his visual rhythm point, the sequencing was really more determined by the content, more specifically the captions: the flowers pic has to come before the Bowie pic due to the coupling of “of someone you know” and “of someone that you think you know” – it doesn’t make as much sense the other way round
  • “I thought that the ‘flowers on the lane’ image was particularly well executed.”
    • Interesting… I felt that the flowers one stuck out a little stylistically – more perspective, less deadpan, more obviously emotive – so it wasn’t one of my particular favourites
  • “I also like the minimalist cropping of the shop front, with the addition of the swirls of whitewash.”
    • Good – I was very drawn to the formal aspects of this one, glad to see it went over well
  • The ‘out-takes’ are revealing in that you have focused fairly keenly on a few ideas from the outset, with very few rejected and only shot a handful shot of each scenario. This shows a high hit-rate of results per shot.”
    • This is very different to my Assignment 1, where I shot hundreds and selection was my big problem – I found this to be similar to my most recent assignment for G&M – that also involved a lot of planning and pre-conceptualisation, and very little shooting – it’s been interesting to work at both extremes of approach over a short space of time!

Demonstration of creativity

  • “Your creativity has also been stretched: From the last assignment that was ‘traditional’ reportage/documentary, this one is quite a departure. I think it has opened your eyes to what you are capable of, which should give you a lot more confidence to be experimental in the future.”
    • It has opened my eyes – I have a wider understanding of the types of work that can come under the category of ‘documentary photography’; the potential degree of authorial intent is the major insight for me… I understood it in theory before but it really came home to me in practice

Coursework and learning log

  • “I find the log to be a great source of ideas mixed with your research. There is clearly a passion that you feel for exploring the subject matter that motivates further research and reflection. The blog isn’t merely passive: you interrogate the sources and compare with others, critiquing and making connections. Each of these bode well for future research and reflection where the research interacts with your own practice.”
    • I’m very pleased with this feedback, maybe even more so than the specific assignment report – research and reflection gets increasingly important over L2 and L3 so I’m pleased to get good feedback on how this is developing

Suggested reading/viewing

  • The Nature of Photographs by Stephen Shore
    • Ordered – another tome for my heaving bookshelf…
  • Photographers and projects:
    • Stuart Roy Clarke’s long term project about football

4 thoughts on “Assignment 2: tutor feedback

  1. Anne Bryson 06 June 2016 / 19:23

    Really good feedback Rob. You should be proud of this.


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