Assignment 2: visual style

Just a short post on a couple of decisions I’ve made on the visual style for Assignment 2: Loss.

Colour palette

Although this assignment is at the end of the ‘B&W Document’ section it does say that it can be delivered in B&W or colour.

I’m going to do it in B&W, for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s an inherently negative and potential dark subject and B&W lends itself to the prevailing mood
  • I really like Anders Petersen’s rationale for using B&W:
    • “In black and white you are not caught by the colours, you have your own fantasy and experiences and they are all in colours. So unintentionally you add colours to the black and white photograph.” (FK Magazine, 2012)
    • What he was referring to is the viewing rather than the photographing experience – that the viewer finds a B&W image ‘incomplete’ and is therefore more likely to use imagination and memory to ‘fill in the gaps’
    • Whether this is scientifically true or not :-) I think it sounds plausible
    • It suits my intent here – to tap into universal emotions


In the last assignment (and assignments on other OCA courses) I have made a particular effort to use diagonals and depth of field to evoke a sensation of movement and three dimensions.

However, for this set I want the images to be very still, calm, contemplative. So I am planning on shooting everything as straight-on as I can. I want to minimise the feeling of depth and try to make the images as ‘still’ as possible, visually.

Along similar lines, I plan to shoot everything in landscape ratio – more static, calm, balanced.



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