Assignment 2: brainstorming themes

Ideas so far

My early thinking on this assignment only produced a few theme ideas:

  • Loss
  • Bravery
  • Loyalty

With hindsight the latter two only sprang to mind after I’d seen a bunch of war medals in a charity shop window, and I’m not at all clear whether I could come up with another seven executions!

I did consider some other concepts, a mixture of positive, negative and neutral:

  • Danger, Fear
  • Love, Connection
  • Waiting


I also looked at examples from other students:

  • Silence, Legacy, Memory, Hope, Isolation, Abuse, Depression, Absence

At one point I remembered that an abandoned concept for one of my Level 1 assignments was the Seven Deadly Sins!

  • Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth

This in turn led to looking at their lesser-known counterparts, the Seven Virtues:

  • Humility, Charity, Chastity, Kindness, Temperance, Patience, Diligence

In the end I decided that neither the Vices nor the Virtues were really connecting with me in any meaningful way right now so I put them on the back burner.


After much thought I have narrowed it down to two potential themes: Loss and Danger. They are both at the negative end of the emotional scale but I think that (a) gives scope for more interesting shots and (b) fits better with doing the assignment in B&W, which is my preference.


  • The first idea I had, and the one that I have most execution concepts for
  • Could be very serious or could be a broader blend of darker and lighter (or at least darkly humorous) executions
  • Overall mood would be calm, still, contemplative


  • A recent idea, so I have fewer specific execution concepts!
  • Inspired, I think, by the Moriyama/Petersen/Sobol work I’ve been looking at recently
  • I envisage close-ups of dangerous scenes/situations
  • Overall mood would be foreboding, visceral
  • I’m less sure that I can produce eight such images – without actually putting myself in real danger! (something I don’t intend to do)

Next steps

I’m going to:

  • Try some dummy shots for both Loss and Danger over the weekend
  • Brainstorm more execution ideas for each
  • Then make up my mind


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