Assignment 2: early thoughts

The course notes suggest reading ahead to the Assignment 2 brief and making preliminary planning notes. I’ll update this page as I work through the coursework before moving onto the more detailed preparation.


Produce eight images that, individually, have a narrative and convey a specific idea. You needn’t limit yourself to your immediate surroundings as you did in the previous assignment.

Rather than focusing on a theme or activity, work on a concept. The more abstract the concept the better. Abstract concepts name ideas, feelings, qualities or characteristics that are not directly perceived by the senses, e.g. hope, love, exploitation, sadness, freedom and greed.

You can do this assignment in B&W or colour. Discuss with your tutor which medium is most appropriate for your chosen concept.

Provide a short commentary (200 words) explaining your ethos and rationale along with your images.

Initial response

I like the look of this one. I’m drawn to projects where I can depict internal thoughts, sensations, emotions, states of mind etc. The assignments I enjoyed most on Level 1 were a little like this, especially on Context & Narrative – and this is a little similar to C&N Assignment 2: Photographing the Unseen. I did that on the subject of photographer’s block.

On the first day of thinking about potential subjects I came up with:

  • Loss
  • Bravery
  • Loyalty

I will add to the ideas list as I go along.

I’m currently thinking that I will work in B&W for this one, but that’s not set in stone.

More to follow…


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